Station Daily Averages of CO2 and O2/N2

Description of Station Plots

The upper panel shows O2 concentrations, reported as relative changes in O2/N2 ratio in per meg units; the lower panel shows CO2 concentrations in ppm units (i.e. μmol of CO2 per mol of dry air). Points are daily average concentrations. Curves are fits to the data consisting of a spline with a controlled stiffness and a 4-harmonic fit.

  • Alert, NWT, Canada (pdf)
  • Barrow, Alaska (pdf)
  • Cold Bay, Alaska (pdf)
  • Cape Kumukahi, Hawaii (pdf)
  • La Jolla Pier, California (pdf)
  • Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii (pdf)
  • American Samoa (pdf)
  • Cape Grim, Australia (pdf)
  • Palmer Station, Antarctica (pdf)
  • South Pole (pdf)
  • Macquarie Island (pdf)
  • Niwot Ridge (pdf)