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Lab Photo data analysis

The final step is to ensure that the O2 measurements are consistent over time and to provide the results and various cross checks on quality. This requires that we actively maintain databases for samples and calibration gases.

O2 CO2 Cold Bay Plot

Finally, Aerial and Frank get together in the O2 lab, where we analyze the O2 content of Aerial’s air sample. We can then report the O2 concentration on the Scripps O2 scale. Aerial and Frank combine to add part of a data point (red circle) to the O2 record at Cold Bay, Alaska.

Mace Head Station

The Keeling group atmospheric O2 calibration is the global standard, and we share it with other research groups making oxygen measurement around the world by providing calibration gases and data comparisons. Pictured here is Mace Head station on the west coast of Ireland.

smoke stacks

Finally, the O2 data are combined with CO2 data to make estimates of hemispheric and global trends which enable estimates of the strength of the sinks for carbon dioxide in the land and oceans. (link to IPCC 2014).