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Station plots of daily averages of CO2 and O2/N2

The upper panel shows O2 concentrations, reported as relative changes in O2/N2 ratio in per meg units; the lower panel shows CO2 concentrations in ppm units (i.e. ╬╝mol of CO2 per mol of dry air). Points are daily average concentrations. Curves are fits to the data consisting of a spline with a controlled stiffness and a 4-harmonic fit.

  • Alert, NWT, Canada (pdf)
  • Barrow, Alaska (pdf)
  • Cold Bay, Alaska (pdf)
  • Cape Kumukahi, Hawaii (pdf)
  • La Jolla Pier, California (pdf)
  • Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii (pdf)
  • American Samoa (pdf)
  • Cape Grim, Australia (pdf)
  • Palmer Station, Antarctica (pdf)
  • South Pole (pdf)
  • Macquarie Island (pdf)
  • Niwot Ridge (pdf)

Scripps O2 Program sampling stations map

Station Map (pdf)